Friday, January 13, 2012

My first encounter

I can talk about makeup all day! I'm always on sephora website. I subconsciously (?) go to a Sephora store at least once a week. I swear, i was just sleep walking to the store! I feel like cosmetics became a hobby for me. It is an expensive hobby though! I started obsessing about cosmetics when I found makeup videos on youtube. It was like "hallelujia, hallelujia"!!! I like applying makeups only on occassions. I didn't spend my middle school or high school or college collecting makeup. I would just buy a few revlons or maybellines for school fair or night outs. That's about it. Youtube made me realize their is so much to makeup than those drugstore brands! There is a million or more brown colors! For some people, the naked pallette is all brown. But for makeup enthusians, the colors are all different. It has different textures, finishes, shades. Yes, my obsession started after youtube. But, it has always been in me. I remember , when i was still 7 or 8, i would sneak in into my grandmother's bedroom. I would lock her door and use her makeup without her knowledge. I would use so much tissue paper to wipe the lipstick stains on my lips. I would run to the lavatory to remove the garish "smokey eye" . My cosmetics game always end up with me having black eyeshadow , red blush, and bright red lipstick. I remember that she has a ysl eyeshadow pallette that i love. It was orange and yellow. I didnt know that those were really expensive! Anyway, i threw them away because i hated the colors and i can't wear it. I forgot if i got reprimanded for using other people's things and throwing it without their consent. I think its good that istarted my blog with my first experience with makeup. :-)